In their own words

People whose lives we have had the honor to help change through Pilates.

"Margie! Margie! Margie! and Pilates. What can I say?

I’ve worked with Margie every week for over 8 years. I’ve been through cancer, scoliosis, hip and knee issues, inability to walk and Margie tailored my sessions to keep me moving and regain my health and mobility. I’m 77 years old and without Margie’s competency and her brand of Fletcher Pilates, I simply would not be walking today. Margie is as interested in my health and progress as I am.

She is patient with beginners and those of us who have had health problems but she is also rigorous to our level. I have also seen some people in their sessions who are very advanced and skilled in pilates and Margie works with them at their level as well.

You will love Margie, everybody does"


"I’ve seen huge changes from working with Megan at Centerpoint Pilates over the past year. Parts of my body that were like immobile steel plates have opened up and now move again. My posture has improved so much that I’m now actually a full inch taller, which is something I never could have imagined at the outset. My overall stamina and flexibility have increased markedly too. This has been time that was certainly well spent."