What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of movement exercises that is designed to strengthen your core, abdominal, and back muscles. Pilates will improve your flexibility and is based on the idea that strengthening your core and back muscles lead to overall body strength, improved balance, and better health. Pilates movements use gravity, your own body weight, and specially designed Pilates equipment that provide a form of natural resistance.

Pilates is different from most other forms of exercises because it’s non-impact and safe and works the body using a holistic approach. You’re using your core to move your body in a very even and symmetrical way.

How often should I do Pilates?

It’s important to build consistency in your practice to see the results and acheive your health and movement goals.

You may want to do Pilates each day when you first start a practice so you develop a rhythm, learn the movements, and develop consistency. Joseph Pilates used to say that you should do Pilates three times a week for best results.

Don’t just try it once.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates provides a total body workout.

Pilates movements will improve your flexibility, increase your range of movement, build your core, tone your body, and make you more aware of your body’s potential. The movements work your body in a very even and symmetrical way and will help you live a better life.

Pilates will strengthen your core.

Weak core and back muscles contribute to poor posture which accounts for many of the aches and pains that affect a large portion of the population. Pilates teaches your body to maintain optimal alignment during your daily life. A stronger core and back makes everyday movement easier and greatly reduces the chances of injury.

Pilates will tone your body.

Pilates is an incredible way to tone and sculpt your body.

Pilates mat exercises engage and strengthen the deeper ab muscles responsible for a sleek, flat stomach. Pilates isn’t just about sculpting your waistline, it can also provide whole-body toning, strong back muscles, and proper posture. Pilates will tone and strengthen your body so that everyday tasks like walking, running, and even sitting at your office desk are easier to do.

Improved Body Awareness

As we get older our bodies sometimes have forgotten how to use various muscles and our reaction times slow. Pilates movements and exercises will increase your energy levels and is a fantastic way to get back in touch with your own body so you can use it to its full potential.

How can you help me get started?

We offer a 30 Min Free Introduction to Pilates

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You will meet with one of our friendly Pilates instructors who will discuss your movement goals during a free 30 Minute Introduction to Pilates session and help you decide on a Pilates program that is right for your individual body and fitness goals.

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