Who is doing Pilates?

Professional sports teams from the NFL, NBA, and MLB are discovering that Pilates is one of the best conditioning programs for their top-tier athletes.

Today they are using Pilates to help their athletes develop core strength, increase flexibility, assist in rehabilitation after injury, and create muscular balance throughout the entire body.

Many athletes from the New Jersey Nets, Orlando Magic, Detroit Lions, San Jose Sharks, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have now incorporated Pilates into their team workouts.

Pilates Benefits for Athletes

Pilates will strengthen your core and allow you to enjoy your athletic lifestyle for years.

It improves sports performance by isolating and targeting appropriate muscle groups that need strengthening. The exercises condition the entire body leading to strong, balanced muscles, and ligament strength.

Short muscles are the types that are most prone to injury and muscle imbalances are one of the biggest causes of athletic injuries. Pilates lengthens your muscles, fixes muscle imbalances, and increases flexibility which helps you prevent injuries.

Pilates training gives athletes a lot more power and control to run faster, jump higher, rotate through a slapshot, or make that important throw to home plate.

The benefits from Pilates are amazing—increased power, strength and mobility.

How can you help me get started?

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